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Challenging a neighbor

Once you see the ranking menu note there is a "VS" button next to the names of high scorers in the game. You can at any time click on the challenge button and challenge this person to this particular puzzle.

Accepting a challenge

If someone challenges you, you will be notified in the messages area when you load the game. If you click on "Accept" you will be taken to that chapter menu and will see a tiny "VS" icon on that scene.

Friend requests

Neighbors are critical to your success in Gardens of Time. Be sure to check the "Messages" area of the game frequently to accept any friend requests sent to you and be sure to send out invitations daily. (You will be allowed to invite up to 50 people every 24 hours)

Neighbor menu

Your neighbors are listed along the bottom of the game screen. Click on the "Visit" button to go to their garden and help them out for coin, XP, and energy bonuses.

Neighbor visit daily reward

Each time you visit a neighbor in a 24 hour period you will earn 15 coins, 50 XP, and one energy can.

Visit Reward
"The Befuddled Fairgoer"

Each of your Neighbors will have a "Befuddled Fairgoer" walking around their garden. Once you find them click on their character. Now you will be allowed to help them find items they have dropped. You will be taken to a scene where you are given 60 seconds to find as many of the items listed at the bottom of the screen as possible.

Befuddled fairgoer Befuddled fairgoer Befuddled fairgoer